Oct 5, 2018

Good News!!!!


Hey EBEE Family. Our website is officially up and running. Please feel free to visit any page you feel like to. It's your website, use it and enjoy every single part of it.



1- If you are part of Pastor's staff, Please Make sure you to create your account in the little sign in button in the top left corner of the page. And ALWAYS check your account for important meeting or message from your Pastor.

2- For people who are not staff you will not need to check the Staff reminder page or to create an account. But after that you are more then welcome to visit any other page in the website

3- Yes you can check post that and read and comment as well.

4- Please any feedback is appreciated.

5- It's your Church, your website. Stay connected with us through the week!!!!!


We Love You and know always that Jesus loves You unconditionally. God Bless!

Rev. Dr. Frédéric Chériscat,

Senior Pastor/Founder



660 15th Avenue

Irvington NJ, 07111

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